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City guitarist dies He grew up oakley sun glass on the South Shore, but spent the majority of his professional career in Vancouver, including as a soundman and booking agent at the Yale Hotel, a staple in Vancouver's blues music scene.

His legacy also includes a Kamloops nightclub, Blue Grotto, which grew out of his own volunteer based Blues Underground Network (BUN) in oakley sunglasses gold Kamloops that booked touring acts in venues across the city. Eventually, it found a permanent home at Blue Grotto. Robertson played with blues icon Baldry throughout the '90s, including touring in Europe. "I don't think there's anyone from Vancouver in that era who didn't play with him at one time," Small said. Robertson moved back to Kamloops a decade ago, where oakley a wire sunglasses he invigorated blues rock and worked tirelessly playing and booking acts. Friend Rod Duncan oakley a wire sunglasses said Robertson, a longtime vegetarian, never succumbed to the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, despite his associates and years in the business.

"He was such a sweet guy," Duncan said. "He had an effect on people, not just his music but his personality.".

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