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Cinema City Norwich among 24 venues caught up in boycott call by stars including Susan Sarandon and Sir Ian McKellen Part of the document reads: "We find it disappointing that you fail to pay your lowest paid staff the living wage.

We therefore support your workers in their call for a public boycott oakley outlet online shop of Picturehouse and Cineworld. "Cineworld is a very successful company that made a substantial profit of 83.8m in 2015, and it is vitally important to share your success with your workforce. "Workers should not have to live below the real living wage when your company has the means to set a great example by adhering to the ethical pay structures proposed in the living staff living wage pay claim." The letter backs a campaign by oakley america cinema workers demanding better rights and site da oakley pay. A statement from Picturehouse Cinemas defending its pay structure said: "For many years Picturehouse Cinemas has paid its front of house customer service staff well above minimum wage. Our pay rates are oakley specials amongst the highest in the industry and have enabled us to attract and retain staff who are knowledgeable about film, skilled in many areas and able to offer high levels of service.

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