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City leases out piece of Mission Flats land to trucking company Ventures Ltd.

$61,072 a year. The information came forward Friday from discount oakley lenses minutes of a City council in camera meeting in September. City real estate manager a frame oakley lenses Dave Freeman said Friday the deal five years with a possible renewal of one to five years is a good one for the City. "Leasing is very good for us in that it generates an ongoing cash flow. We also realize we may want to wait for a stronger development market to see what sort of creative interest comes out," he said. "They're using the garage portion, some of the office space and oakley warden the welding shop. Everything we used to do with our trucks, they're doing. We had a full blown, 5,000 square foot mechanical garage. So for them, it's a great opportunity," he said. There are still seven acres available for lease at the Mission Flats site. Hydro. is paying the market rate for renting heavy industrial property in Kamloops. Down the road, the waterfront oakley flak property might be made into something more creative than industrial use. But for now, with the railroad tracks cutting through and heavy industry down the road, the rental uses at least help bring in some revenue, he said. "It's one of those pieces of property that has potential, it just might be ahead of its time," he said.

"So in the meantime, we can generate rent on it. And see what that potential can be in a few years.".

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