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Christmas in full swing everywhere Thank you John O'Fee (It's OK to Call It Christmas, Dec.

20). And a Merry Christmas to you, too. All the silliness created by political correctness seems to be magnified at this time of year. I, too, have just returned from Nepal, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Laos. In cities such as Saigon, Hanoi and Hong Kong, Christmas is in full swing. It feels rather oakley m frame sunglasses odd to be in a largely Buddhist culture and see all oakleys for sale the icons we have come to expect for Christmas in full glorious display. The ubiquitous Christmas music can be heard all around, even as we watched the many Buddhist monks wandering the streets of Vientiane, the capital of Laos. I was tempted to buy a life size mechanical Santa playing a saxophone I saw in several shops in Hanoi, but just imagine trying to get him through Canada oakley glasses blue Customs. Christmas day arrives in Hong Kong. The stores remain open because they really don't celebrate this holiday. In fact, the Christmas day we spent in Hong Kong two years ago was the biggest shopping day of the year.

What is the point of all this? The people of those countries are not offended by this display of Christmas, and it is called Christmas, not some generic meaningless name meant not to offend. So why do we get all uptight about a holiday that we have celebrated for a rather long time? Hopefully, we can grow, and mature to the point where we can call oakley watches this holiday by its name. It's Christmas, and may all you and yours have a terrific one at that.

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