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City runs on wind She said the province has a Crown land policy when it comes to wind turbines, but does not regulate their use on private property, which is why staff felt it prudent to go ahead and develop a bylaw.

it really is up to individual municipalities to decide whether or not oakley sunglasses for men they want to include regulations for wind turbines in their local document," said Luciani. Staff used guidelines provided by the Canadian Wind Energy Association and looked at similar provincial and oakley sunglasses black friday sales municipal bylaws across Canada to develop the Kamloops find oakley store document. cities like Vancouver, Victoria and Dawson Creek have bylaws in place or are looking into it, she said. A report to council addresses a variety of concerns, including that turbines be permitted on a case by case basis on agricultural land where population density is low and the land is vast. Turbines and necessary components will be a neutral colour with non reflective matte finish and oakley online shopping contain no advertising, the report said.

Lucian said turbines could be used to feed the City power grid or, If a farmer wants to supplement their energy usage, they could also be used for that purpose. Councillors contacted by The Daily News on Wednesday believe the bylaw is a sign of the times. Arjun Singh said it's important to stay ahead of demand.

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