Cracking the Online Poker Code Review – Are These Online Poker Strategies a Scam?

Are you searching for a review of the new online poker system called Cracking the Online Poker Code? You probably want a way to earn some money playing a game you really love. Playing poker is an great way to meet people online and also to make lots of money if you know how to do it right. David Parker of the Cracking the Online Poker Code guide promises to help any poker player get better at the game.

1. Why I Bought Cracking the Online Poker Code

There is clearly a lot of skill involved in this game, but applying these skills online compared to playing it physical can be very different. Being able to see your opponents physically will allow you to see tells from their body language, but playing online does not give you that ability.

Instead, you may have to rely on other tells like the reaction speed of your opponents in the online game. Eventually I picked up Cracking the Online Poker Code to brush up such skills, and I have been very impressed with the training material provided.

2. What Types of Games Does This Guide Focus On?

It focuses more on the tourneys called Sit and Go, which are fast online tournaments consisting of 10 players. Unlike big tournament games, each Sit-N-Go game lasts only about thirty minutes to one hour.

3. What Types of Strategies Can You Learn in Cracking the Online Poker Code?

Playing Sit-N-Go games requires a lot of strategy, since you get a very limited number of cards and you really need to make them count. In fact, you may find that your strategies would not work as well in all the different poker sites online. What every professional does, which you should as well, is to find a poker site that is most effective for your techniques and stick to it. It will pay off in the long run.

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